Personal project in progress. April - May '17

One of the moments of friction when a host books a rental, is when the host has to hand out the key or code to entry. To do so today, the participants coordinate the handoff through the message section on the app. This process often takes 4 messages in between users.

By enabling rentals with Airbnb hardware, the host connects with the guest when necessary and these remove a step through simplicity and technology. 

Outcome: Explore the digital and physical interactions is to create a moment of engagement while you unlock, whether is to say hello or to give directions to where to find the pool temperature control. 





Smart door handle enabled by Airbnb.  

Handle designed for the host and guests.
 Easy unlock and access to a listed rental through the mobile app.  
When not in use, it looks like a non-branded regular door handle.
When in use, the unlocking experience becomes more magical
than just a set of keys.