Astro was approached by a social media company to envision future experiences enabled by augmented reality. This project involved many interesting challenges. One of them was to tackle how a purely digital company’s brand offering could transcend digital to physical while maintaining its core values. Another was how to maintain brand recognition in the physical form from its current digital graphic design.

Our team of six worked to define current technology trends, develop two visual language themes, define user archetypes, and ultimately use those things to create user experience vignettes paired with their enabling technology products.



From digital to physical.



First, we delved into the brand of the company to understand it’s core values. We extracted those to guide our concept generation.



We set ourselves to think on how a social tool can enhance our lives.
In a world with endless tools, we think that the right product experience will be at your service at the right moment.



We also delved into meaningful cultural insights that revolve around people and the technology they use.



Our team was tasked to explore brand languages that the digital platform could adopt. Access, the first direction, is a practical and an instructional gateway to the platform. Blend, the second direction, seeks to seamlessly blend with its user and environment. 



We took a look at different age groups and created user archetypes based on how they use technology in their everyday life.



We considered experiences that could be improved or created with mixed realities. Our concepts explored different levels of how raw or curated content could be, and how public or intimate these might be in order to create a wide range of
product experiences. 

We developed multiple product concepts for each user type and explained the experience they might enable through product renderings and storyboards.



Improve your journey through like-minded connections

Tour enables you to better share and discover new places with your friends. Wear the sleek, gps enabled dongle to geotag your likes, comments, ratings and reviews to physical areas in the real world. Hear what your friends have to say about the place you’re in with the ear bud. It allows you to enjoy a place together, separately.


1. Friend to friend recommendation
Karen's friend has selected all her favorite places around London and she sends recommendations through this new Facebook feature. Karen discovers those locations in real time. 

2. Share on the go
She can create favorites along the way and even add audio comments for her friends to share.

3. Create robust memories
After Karen finishes the tour, she can review voice notes and add imagery to her locations.


Hands free journaling

Audio notes and camera captures are paired to where they were taken.


Right message at the right location

Information provided by your friends audio notes and complimented by relevant web results.


Your connected travel companion.


memories with new perspectives

Hover is an easily transported, personal drone. It acts as your eye in the sky and can enrich your views from perspectives only its nimble body can navigate. Simply fold out the wings and throw it in the air for it to begin flight. Choose a simple flight path from your app and it can take your selfie or capture a short video route. 

1. Travel Size
Available at the comfort of your pocket. Fold out propellers to set
your pocket camera to fly. 10 second hover starts. 

2. Hover for the Best Angle
10 second hovers allows you to capture instants along
your trip. 'Hover" captures according to favorite presets.

3. 360 Replay
Making memories physical. Maps out places where it has been travelled along from your favorite vantage points.





Compact and ready to go

'Hover' takes your best shot, it is aware of its surroundings throughout the short flight.


3D map of memories

'Hover' stitches your memories and it enables users to share their experience in 3D through its app.