This three month engagement aimed to create a design language for Verifone's mobile solutions. Our task was to develop a scalable look and feel across three existing products, factoring for form, details, and CMF as well as tolerance for accessory integration and co-branding use cases. 

Our final output were looks-like prototypes of our design language directions. My role in this project was to develop one of the two visual languages, which the client used for the final design.




Float language is a progressive evolution of the current Verifone design language. It focuses on the contrast between a stark front display and a soft ergonomic housing. The stark front display diverts all attention to the immediate action a customer must make. The soft housing offers protection as well as a comfortable in-hand feel.




  1. Rear plate allows for easy swapping and co-branding
  2. Soft silicone back gives good grip and contrasts hard front
  3. Camera and fingerprint are hidden behind glass on the rear of the device and activate when necessary


  1. Rear plate allows for easy swapping of co-branding
  2. Soft silicone back creates an easy grip and contrasts hard front
  3. Camera and fingerprint are hidden behind glass on the rear of the device, activating when necessary


A swappable rear badge allows for additional components to have a secure attachment point while maintaining the ergonomics of the rear of the device. This badge can also be inexpensively swapped for retailer brand customization - an improvement on co-branding solutions that exist today.



Float’s reverse dog house protects the ports and charging contacts while allowing for the device to be easily set vertically.



We considered a range of CMF options that would appeal to different customers while maintaining the design language look and feel. In this mid-market lockup, features are paired down and protected, swapping the metals of the 500 for tone on tone plastic and rubber.



 At the 125 level, manufacturing cost is the main constraint. Premium materials are paired down to simple finishes. Features are also paired down, such as how the charging functionality is replaced by a door to house replaceable batteries.